Friederike Henkel: Collected Literary Works

The publication "Friederike Henkel: Collected Literary Works"  was collected, edited and graciously contributed to the Sophie Library by John MacKenzie Graham, Arnold, Nottingham, United Kingdom. The project includes the following texts:

  • Aus Langeweile
  • Die Herrin von Ibichstein
  • Der Jugend Heimgarten
  • Der Liebe Licht und Schatten
  • The Mistress of Ibichstein
  • Sommermärchen
  • Die Stiefschwestern
  • Wenn Frauen hassen

They are provided in the original script, with an introduction to the author, her background and family life.

Bibliographic Information
John MacKenzie Graham
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Bristol, United Kingdom
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1891 page(s)
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