Fräulein, bitte, sind Sie musikalisch?
(Fräulein, tell me, are you musically gifted?)

Lied & Shimmy: Camilla Frydan
English Translation: Marcus Tolman

It is often difficult and takes such stratagem to win a woman's heart,
Because here on earth women are so fickle;
And when she doesn't fall for candy, gifts, or flowers,
I ask her as a last resort, "Do you have an ear for music, dear?"

Fräulein, tell me, are you musically gifted?
I would love to have you join me in a duet.
Fräulein, I would be as happy as a cannibal
If you would agree to accompany me!
Tell me the register and the key;
I'll play whatever you want:
In C-sharp major, G-sharp major, B-flat major, F-sharp major–
I'll play as long as you can keep up.

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