Die deutsche Frau in Südwestafrika

Clara Brockmann’s text Die deutsche Frau in Südwestafrika: Ein Beitrag zur Frauen Frage in unseren Kolonien (The German woman in Southwest Africa: A Contribution to the Women Question in our Colonies) acts as a brochure for prospective female settlers. Specifically, Brockmann emphasizes the need of colonial women to help fulfill the ideal of building a “New Germany on African soil.”

Published in 1910, the text deals primarily with the topic of why the colonies need white women and what their roles should be when they arrive. The text is divided into twenty-five sections. Around half of these sections describe the various job opportunities available to women in the colonies. The other half gives warnings and suggestions about colonial life in general. Brockmann scatters her personal experiences throughout the text. Interestingly, she speaks of both married and single women promoting German culture in the colonies, but in some of her more radical statements she glorifies the life of a single woman, an aspect that makes her writing unique. 

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Verlegt bei Ernst Siegfried Mittler und Sohn. Königliche Hofbuchhandlung
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