Zwei Lieder, op11 - Nähe des Geliebten (Music Recording, Translation)

I think of you, when I stand in the rays
Of the sun shimmering on the sea;
I think of you, when the moonlight paints its patterns
In the fountain's reflecting pool.

I see you, when dust rises down the road,
Distant on the horizon.
In the deepest night, when the wanderer trembles
On a narrow path, in the deepest night.

I hear you, in the muffled roar of the crashing waves.
In quiet meadows, when everything
Is silent, I still listen for you.
I am with you, though we are separated.
And even so far away, you are always near to me.

The sun is sinking; soon I will see the stars
As they shine forth their light;
Oh, if you were here,
If only you were here.

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