Phantasie in e-moll (Music Recording, Translation)

Lied: Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden
English Translation: Caroline Moore

The scent of lilac wafts through my mind,
And the winds spreads bright, gaudy colors.
Fine misty veils weave through the green meadow,
Everything is alive, glowing gladly in the sun.

The streamlet rushes past,
On the bank, lilac and jasmine bloom,
And the butterflies dance above in a quivering waltz.

Bubbling over the stones, over dark rubble,
The streamlet rushes in pure, pure, bright flood.
Quiet silky sounds tremble through the blue,
Shimmer on the waves like the bright dew.

Song and ripples both resound over the meadow...
Listen, hear them sing, so softly...sing and fade away!

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