Leben sie mit meiner Frau... (Music Recording, Translation)

Lied: Camilla Frydan
English Translation: Marcus Tolman and Robert McFarland

I can never go for an inconspicuous walk with my wife,
Because all the men turn their heads to watch her;
They all whisper, "he doesn't deserve that woman."
O how I would like to say to each of their envious faces:

You should try living with my wife;
She soon will drive you up the wall!
You'll find yourself repeating:
"I'm sorry, no, you can't have that new dress..."
You'll find yourself screaming:
"That costs too much!"
Then she'll want diamonds by the pound,
And when she wants ten pair of shoes
You'll beg her "Just let me be!"
You'll spend your entire vacation
Looking for her lost purse
And you'll have to run to get the car when she's tired of walking!

Try living with my wife for a day; she'll drive you out of your mind!
You'll spend your summer at the sea getting hot water for her feet,
And she cries at midnight, "Please more gently, Count, if you please!"
But no matter how she treats me, she's still my sweetheart,
Even if she beats me black and blue I'll stay with my wife.

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