Kornblumen und Haidekraut (Music Recording, Translation)

Poet: George Freiherr von Dyherrn
Music: Louisa Adolpha Le Beau
English Translation: Robert McFarland

"I wandered through field and forest, beheld the beauty of leaf and grass
Glistening from a storm's fresh rain.
I wished to gather a bouquet to crown my true love's brow:
Cornflowers and heather, cornflowers and heather.

I wandered, Oh! so far and wide! With tanned cheeks I return homeward,
Soon I shall see the bride of my heart.
The evening light will flow around her and through her window I will greet her
With cornflowers and heather, cornflowers and heather."

When the young man entered the village and stepped up to his love's white house,
Muted funeral bells were tolling.
Into her white hands he pressed them--the final token of his love--
Cornflowers and heather, cornflowers and heather.

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