Kindesträume (Music Recording, Translation)

Poet: Hedwig Braun-Steinmann
English Translation: Ryan Hansen
Composer: Luise Greger

Dream, my little child, a sea of bright stars
Lights up the heaven above,
Little angels bearing roses settle here below as
The Christ-child descends in His love.

My little child, so full of love,
Knowing nothing of despair or grief.
Mother takes care to tuck you in softly,
My little child with rosy cheeks.

Sleep, my child, sleep, my child!

Dream my little child, of white foamy waves,
Dream of the bubbling sea.
Dream of a great sparkling Christmas tree,
Dream of a tiny fairy.

Dream of joy and heavenly bliss
Dream of peace and of light
Dream, my child, as you are still young,
Dream of guardian angels tonight.

Dream, my Child, dream my Child!

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