Die Frauen von Wien sind so zauberhaft schön (Music Recording, Translation, 1919)

Text and Music: Camilla Frydan
English Translation: Mary Cox

In this glorious wide world are so many millions of women—
We men can hardly decide what pleases us most,
For just one look at a lovely lady, and then
The color of her hair, her ethnic beauty brings forth emotion,
And we're conquered yet again!
Another woman's voice, with its fluttering tone
Can often transfix us completely,
But the high point of creation can only be seen
In the city that lies on the Danube—In Wien!

Viennese women are enchantingly fair;
That's why a man can never tire of watching them
They are so delightful: their faces, their charms.
They simply cannot be annoying or dull.
So often men have claimed: "I know all the tricks,
I see through the mystery, I understand the Viennese women"
But after one single smile or a gaze of her eyes,
He's back where he started again!

And if a stranger were to come here, he'd surely find something to his taste;
Lots of blondes, brunettes, and redheads so dear,
For here there is every type of face and type.
We would so love to please that stranger
With Viennese music and libation,
It'd please us to show our hospitality;
How could any visitor decline such an offer?
Here in Vienna is such bliss,
To enjoy, from our ladies, a kiss!
(to refrain...)

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