Deutsche Hymne (Music Recording, Translation)

Poet: B. von Gutfeld
English Translation: Joachim Anderson
Composer: Luise Greger

Look at the oak, hung thick with leaves!
Bind them into crowns, adorn your heads!
German is the oak, gnarled and strong.
German are we all, German to the bone.
Love of our country, thou most precious of
possessions, you rise in our veins with a
crimson glow, You shine in our eyes,
you swell in our breasts, you dwell in our hearts
we know you well.

German shall we remain, German shall we be,
and none shall fear, save God alone!
Love of our freedom, holy and true,
shines in the silent altars of our bosoms.
Faith and love, paired with devotion: through the ages,
these have been the German creed!
Hail German virtue, you are our banner; in life and death
we consecrate ourselves to you!

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