Therese von Bacheracht

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Therese was born in 1804 to a father who was Russian Kaiser legation secretary Heinrich von Struve. She was known for her beauty and talent. She was sent to Weimer when she was 16.  She married Robert von Bacheracht in 1825 and their first child died at an early age. In 1848 she started writing using the pseudonym Therese. Her first book was published in 1841. She separated from Robert in 1849 and married her true love, her cousin, Heinrich Freiherr von Lützow in August 1849. Therese died in 1852. 

July 4, 1804
Birth Location: 
Stuttgart, Germany
Death Date: 
September 16, 1852
Death Location: 
Tjilatjap, Java, Indian-Netherlands
Married to: 
Robert von Bacheracht, Heinrich Freiherr von Lützow

Works by Therese von Bacheracht