Charlotte Niese

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Lucian Bürger

Charlotte Niese was born on the seventh of June 1854 in Burg on the island of Fehmarn which at the time, was still under direct rule of King Frederick VII of Denmark. Her father was a pastor and director of a seminary in Eckernförde. Niese passed her exams as a teacher in Eckernförde and became a tutor and a boarding school teacher in Montreux. She began publishing her writings under the masculing pserdonym "Lucian Bürger" in Plön. Niese moved to Altona in 1884 and then moved to Ottensen in 1888. Since she became one of the best known Holstein regional writers, she did not need to be a teacher anymore. Niese campaigned for the improvement of education and employment opportunities for women and also managed the local section of the North German Woman's Organization in Altona. She died in 1935.

June 7, 1854
Birth Location: 
Burg, Germany
Death Date: 
December 8, 1935
Death Location: 
Ottensen, Germany

Works by Charlotte Niese