Hilde Wörner

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Hilde Wörner, a German actress for both theater and film production, was predominantly known for her roles in silent movies. She began her career at just 16 years of age in Elberfeld-- she was soon spotted by Johannes Maurach in 1912, who took her to perform in the Essen City Theater. 

During the later stages of WWI she came to Berlin and shortly after was contracted by Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers to play roles in film. Her film debut was in 1917in the silent movie "Baronin Kammerjungfer, and by 1919 she had founded her own film productio  company under the name Wörner-Film.

November 17, 1895
Death Date: 
Married to: 
Carl Müller-Hagen, Eduard Lichtenstein

Works by Hilde Wörner