Käte Haack

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Käthe Haack
Käte Lisbeth Minna Sophie Isolde Haack

Käte Haack lead a 70-year long career as a German actress, during which she played roles in some 230 film and TV productions. Haack was born the daughter of Karl Wilhelm Paul Haack and his wife Sophie Margarethe Jahn. She received her first role in acting in 1914 in the city theater in Göttingen, and from 1915 onwards she concentrated on roles in Berlin. 

Some important roles that she played post-war include:
Mrs Antrobus in "Wir sind noch einmal davongekommen"
Gina Ekdal in "Die Wildente"
Mrs. Higgins in "My Fair Lady"
Luise Maske in "Der Snob"

August 11, 1897
Birth Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Death Date: 
May 5, 1986
Death Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Married to: 
Heinrich Schroth
Hannelore Schroth & Carl-Heinz Schroth (Step-Son)

Works by Käte Haack