Frieda Zieschank

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Biographic information about Frieda Zieschank is fragmentary. She was born in the mid- to late 1800’s in Germany. It is unknown exactly where. Zieschank married a German doctor, and they had two children. In 1906 Zieschank went with her husband to Samoa where he practiced as a doctor for the colonists as well as the native Samoans. While in Samoa, she wrote Ein Jahrzehnt in Samoa. It was published in 1918. Zieschank also wrote a novel about the German colony in Samoa, Ein Verlorenes Paradies (1924). In 1914, German Samoa was taken over by England. Zieschank and her husband lived under English rule until 1916 when they were forced to leave. They eventually moved back to Germany. 

Works by Frieda Zieschank