Karoline von Woltmann

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Müchler, Karoline
Stosch, Karoline

Karoline von Woltmann was born in 1782 to the family of a government official in Berlin. in 1799 she married, at the request of her parents, Karl Müchler, whom she divorced, again at her parents request, in 1804. That same year she met Karl Ludwig Woltmann and married him the next year. Together they moved to Prague, Czech Republic, and both published many works while there. About 9 years after her husband's death, she returned to Germany, and continued publishing, including a few works about trips to Switzerland and Italy. She passed away in Berlin in November 1847.

Source: accessed January 2012
Mendheim, Max, „Woltmann, Karoline von“, in: Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie 44 (1898), S. 190 f. [Onlinefassung]; URL: http://www.deutsche-biographie.de/pnd117197289.html

March 6, 1782
Birth Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Death Date: 
November 18, 1847
Death Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Married to: 
Karl Müchler, Karl Ludwig Woltmann

Works by Karoline von Woltmann