Eugenie Schwarzwald

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Eugenie was born in 1872 in Polupanovka, near Ternopil, in Austria-Hungary (Now Ukraine).

In 1895 she moved away from home and studied German and English literature, Philosophy, and pedagogy at the University of Zurich. She received her doctoral degree in 1900. That same year she married Dr. Hermann Schwarzwald.

Eugenie became head of the Girls' Secondary School in 1901 and the Girls' College in 1911.

Her aim was to offer an adequate and motivating secondary education to girls, comparable to that which was accessible to boys. To reach this goal she engaged many contemporary, prominent artists and scientists to teach the girls.

This school became a prototype of so called Schwarzwald schools (Schwarzwaldschulen), modern schools for girls.

In 1938 Eugenie Schwarzwald was forced to leave Austria due to her Jewish ancestry and emigrated to Switzerland.

She dies in Zurich in 1940.

June 4, 1872
Birth Location: 
Polupanovka, Austria-Hungary
Death Date: 
August 7, 1940
Death Location: 
Zurich, Switzerland
Married to: 
Dr. Hermann Schwarzwald

Works by Eugenie Schwarzwald