Elsa Bernstein

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Ernst Rosmer
Else/Elsa Bernstein-Porges
Elsa Porges
Elsa Bernstein was born to the composer Heinrich Porges in 1866 in Vienna, shortly after her birth, they were ordered by King Ludwig II to move to Munich where she grew up. She worked for a short time as an actress performing in pieces by Wagner, who was a friend of her father's, but had to quit because of vision problems. In 1890 she married Max Bernstein and together with him maintained a Salon for artists and writers. In 1941 she turned down the opportunity to immigrate to America because her sister could not obtain a visa, and in 1942 was sent to the Dachau concentration camp, from which she and her sister were promptly deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto. She was liberated early in Maz of 1945 and returned to Germany where she died four years later.

Other works:
Dämmerung - 1893
Die Mutter Maria - 1894
Tedeum - 1896
Themistokles - 1897
Daguy Peters 
Die Königskinder - 1895
Mutter Maria - 1900
Merete - 1902
Dagny - 1904
Johannes Herkner - 1904

Nausikaa - 1906
Maria Arndt - 1908


October 28, 1866
Birth Location: 
Vienna, Austria
Death Date: 
July 2, 1949
Death Location: 
Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, Germany
Married to: 
Max Bernstein

Works by Elsa Bernstein