Charitas Pirkheimer

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Charitas was born in 1466 in Nuremberg.

At the age of 12, she obtaned a remarkable spiritual formation in the cloister of St. Clara.

Charitas became a teacher in 1500 and was chosen on 20 Devember, 1503 as abess. During this time, she was able to read the Latin authors, and thereby acquired a classic style.Her favorite readings were Fathers of the Church, especially of St. Jerome. Her brother Willibald was her guide and teacher throughout her studies.

Throughout the years the Lutheran doctrines  persecuted her for her writings. She died in August of 1532.

March 21, 1466
Birth Location: 
Nuremberg, Germany
Death Date: 
August 19, 1532
Death Location: 
Nuremberg, Germany

Works by Charitas Pirkheimer