Luise Mühlbach

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Klara Mundt
Clara Mundt
Klara Müller
Luise Mundt
Clara (Maria Regina) Müller

Luise Mühlbach was born Clara (Maria Regina) Müller in January 1814, she was one of 11 children. As a young child she started writing and sent them to Theodor Mundt, a writer, for review and potential publication. The relationship developed to a personal one and in June 1839 they were married. At some point they moved to Berlin, where they hosted a well known literary circle. Luise died in 1873. Her memoirs were published by her daughter, Thea, in 1902.

January 2, 1814
Birth Location: 
New Brandenburg, Germany
Death Date: 
September 26, 1873
Death Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Married to: 
Theodor Mundt
Thea Ebersberger

Works by Luise Mühlbach