Sophie Elonore Kortzfleisch

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Sophie Eleonore von Wuntsch
Sophie Eleonore von Titzenhofer

Sophie Elonore Kortzfleisch was born to a military family in north-eastern Prussia. She developed a talent for poetry early in life, and wrote both anonymously and using her real name. During her life she was married to two different officers of the Prussian army, first to Karl Wilhelm von Kortzfleisch, and then three years after his death to Friedrich Wilhelm von Titzenhofer. Sophie passed away in 1823.

December 27, 1749
Birth Location: 
Groß-Jännowitz, Pommern (modern day Poland)
Death Date: 
June 18, 1823
Death Location: 
Breslau, Germany (modern day Poland)
Married to: 
Karl Wilhelm von Kortzfleisch, Friedrich Wilhelm von Titzenhofer

Works by Sophie Elonore Kortzfleisch