Marianne Hainisch

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Marianne Perger

Marianne Hainisch was born to wealth and lived in such her entire life, but she noticed the situation of other less fortunate women around her, and saw a need for social reform. She became very active in the Austrian women's rights and education movement. She founded the National Council of Women in Austria and also became a member of the International Council of Women. The recognition of a "Mother's Day" holiday in Austria can be traced to her efforts.

Goldinger, Walter, „Hainisch, Marianne, geborene Perger“, in: Neue Deutsche Biographie 7 (1966), S. 525 [Onlinefassung]; URL:

March 25, 1839
Birth Location: 
Baden bei Wien, Austria
Death Date: 
May 5, 1936
Death Location: 
Vienna, Austria
Married to: 
Michael Hainisch
Michael Maria

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