Julie Pfannenschmidt

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Julie Burow

The bibliographic information here was edited and provided by Cindy Evans, Brigham Young University.

Julie Pfannenschmidt was born Julie Burrow in Kydullen in Preußen. She completed her education in 1819. While in Danzig Pfannenschmidt met a building administrator who she married the following January 1931 and moved to Neufahrwasser. After being dislocated again to Driesen Pfannenschmidt became acquainted with a professor Wilhelm Kluz who motivated her to become a writer.

Her motivation increased as her children finished their educations.  In Züllichau her husband lost his position due to his political assertions and they were again forced to move. After a few months they moved to Bromberg. Here in 1850 Pfannenschmidt published her first two par novel Frauen-Lo. In 1850 Pfannenschmidt passed away from a stroke. In Pfannenschmidt’s novels she often explores the topic of the middle class and lives of people in small towns. She focused particularly on the role of women in small-town families. 

For more information:

February 24, 1806
Birth Location: 
Kydullen, Prussia
Death Date: 
February 20, 1868
Death Location: 
Bydgoszcz, Prussia (modern day Poland)
Married to: 
Wilhelm Pfannenschmidt

Works by Julie Pfannenschmidt