Tools: Guidelines for Typists

  • Do not begin work until you have met with Dr. James for training.
  • Be sure that you back everything up on a second disk.
  • All materials MUST be saved in a Word Perfect format 5, 6, 7 or 8 or in Microsoft Word. (No Macintosh or any other programs).
  • No given file should be longer than 25-30 computer pages. If the work you are typing is longer, finish the file at a convenient point in the original, and begin a new file. Once you have finished a file, you should not reuse it or add anything to it.
  • Name the files using the code assigned to your text. This is the code we are using: First 3 letters of author's last name, first 3 letters of the work's title (2 letters if a volume number is included), a number designating the file. Single digit numbers should be preceded by a "0" (01, 02, etc.) Volume number should appear between the author code and the title code. Definite or indefinite articles should not be used as part of the title code. Thus, for Gabriele Reuter's story "Aphrodite und ihr Dichter," the first file will be coded as Reuaph01. If there is a second file, it will be coded as Reuaph02, and so forth. A multi-volume work such as Heinroth's Jenseits der Mauer would be coded as Hei1je01 for the first volume and Hei2je01 for the second volume. No periods or any other symbols are to be included in the file name.
  • Type the title page in as close to original form and spacing as possible.
  • Type everything given in the original manuscript--introductions, footnotes, etc. Except for the title page, we do not wish to keep the shape of the page in the original manuscript. For each page, put the page number on the left margin. Do not enclose this number in parentheses. Just indicate the number itself, as shown below. If no page number is given, put the number in brackets. At the end of the page, double space, then start the next page with the number at the left margin:

    [ii] this page numbering would occur in an introduction, where the page isn't actually numbered.

    16 die Antwort. "Wo sind denn deine Aeltern?....etc.

    17 "Wo ist Ihre Frau?"-- fragte Riekchen halb laut....etc. This numbering would be used when a paragraph indentation occurs at the top of the page.

  • DO NOT put textual footnotes into a footnote format on the computer. Type it directly into the text following the word to be footnoted, enclosing it in << >> symbols. Example:

    Verbindung unserer Geschwister <<Am 8ten November heirateten Auguste und Caroline.>>

  • Do not hyphenate any words at the ends of lines or at the end of a page. The computer should determine the length of lines on a page. If a word is hyphenated at the end of a page, type the complete word on the page on which the word originates. Then begin the next page with the first complete word.
  • Maintain the original spelling in the text in ALL cases, even if it seems to be a typo.
  • The symbol Symbol Representing etcactually means "etc." Just type in "etc." whenever this symbol occurs. Any elements which occur in bold, italic or enlarged script should be imitated in exactly the same form in which they appear in the text. You may on occasion notice that the letters in a word or group of words are separated by unusually wide spacing. This was also a means of indicating italics. If you should notice such words, type them in italics.
  • Check the chart of Old German Type for any letters you aren't sure of. Briefly proofread what you have typed, but don't spend too much time on proofing, since the texts will be carefully proofread later. If there are any letters or words you can't read on your copy, indicate the place in the text with [illegible] or fr[ ]. We will try to discern these places from the original later.
  • Do not type any advertisements which may appear at the end of the text. However, DO type any Indices,Personenregister, Tables of Contents, or other materials actually belonging to the text.
  • Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. size, except in headings and titles.
  • Periodically bring your disks to Dr. James so that she can save the work you have done. When you are completely finished with a manuscript, bring both the disks and the hard copy back to Dr. James.
  • If you have any questions, call Dr. James at (801) 422-2463 and leave a message, set up a time to come by the office, or send an email to Dr. James.