Sophie Project Staff

Board of Directors

Michelle S. James, Ph.D - Sophie Project Director (Brigham Young University)
Dr. James has been involved in research on early German women's texts for a number of years, including several publications/ works in progress relating to early German women authors, and several years of developing and coordinating the Sophie project. Her current research focusses on the life of Elisa von der Recke. 

Robert McFarland, Ph.D - Associate Director (Brigham Young University)
Dr. McFarland adds to the Sophie project a wealth of ideas and suggestions for upgrading the Sophie site services. He has developed and now guides the mentoring program through which students are becoming actively involved in the processing and preparation of Sophie texts.

Cindy P. Brewer, Ph.D - Associate Director (Brigham Young University)
Dr. Brewer adds her expertise in 18th- and 19th-century women's writing, and innovations on how to use Sophie research in the classroom starting as early as second semester German language courses. She is currently researching German colonial texts from Africa and directs the corresponding section of the Sophie site.

Sarah Clement Reed, Ph.D., ABD. - Collection Curator (University of Wisconsin, Madison). 
Sarah Clement Reed is currently completing her doctoral dissertation about representations of Mormons in German literature and film.  She is a long-time collaborator with the Sophie Digital Library, starting with a research project in Vienna in 2002.  She is currently curating Sophie's collection of literature by women who were German-American Immigrants.  She has been a staff member of the prestigious German Studies journal Monatshefte and has worked as part of the Max Kade Institute in Madison.

Richard Hacken, Ph.D. - Director of the Sophie Scholars Archrive Project (Brigham Young University). 
Richard Hacken is a Senior Librarian who specializes as the European Studies and Linguistics LIbrarian for the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.  He has published on a number of topics relating to the German Literature, European Studies and Literature, and Digital Libraries and Web Services.  He is currently overseeing the transition of the Sophie Digital Library database into the Sophie Scholars Archive.  

Gavin Grant - Associate Editor (Brigham Young University)
Gavin oversees the preparation of and addition of content to the Sophie Digital Library. He is currently enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology undergraduate program, and is interested in developing his skills in many areas such as advanced techology and process efficiency.

Emeritus Sophie Staff

Joseph O. Baker, Ph.D - Textbase Editor (Brigham Young University)
Dr. Baker brings several years of experience with German women's texts. In addition to thirty years of teaching and researching literature from the late 18th and 19th centuries, he has also been deeply involved in the production of electronic educational media courses, and possesses wide administrative and organizational experience.

Jeannine Blackwell, Ph.D - Consultant (University of Kentucky)
Dr. Blackwell brings to the project extensive experience in research on and the teaching of early women's texts, as well as membership on the editorial boards of several journals, and numerous publications relating to early German women authors and their works.

Sophies: Student Researchers Since 2001

Katie Adams
Sarah Adams
Marie Alford
Elisabeth Allred
Andrew Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Kimberly Andre
Melanie Antuna
Austen Arts
Tara Austin
Gavin Asay
Aliza Atkin
Nathan Averill
Tanja Badenheuer
Jeff Bailey
Gina Ballard
Johanna Ballif
Kelli Barbour
Courtney Bardin
Kelsey Barker
Iva Bartova
Conny Bjoernson
Aaron Blackham
Taylor Blanchard
Tyler Boehmer
Kurt Buhanan
Katharina Burton
Connie Cannon
Heather Capps
Kate Carr
Rich Christiansen
Carolyn Clement
Sarah Clement
Aaron Cloward
Nathan Conder
Carrie Cox
Jennifer Crafts
Bryce Cundick
Lyndsey Cusworth
Spencer Cutler
Henry Davis
Marita Dimond
Alec Down
Jennie Eborn
Sarah Elliott
Gentry Ensign
John Enyeart
Blaine Evanson
Kristie Eysser
Michelle Flowers
Jared Forsyth


Sara Forsyth
Tana Frechem
Grant Gardner
Todd Goodsell
Emily Gourdin
Gavin Grant
Kristin Green
Elizabeth Guthrie
Jenna Gwilliam
Alex Hachtman
Haylee Ham
Tanner Hardison
Carl Hayden
Richard Haymore
Andrea A. Hayward
Jacob Hedgecock
Devin Heid
Dane Heilner
Kris Hendricks
Sean Henretta
Timothy Hewitt
Rosa Hoban
Jacob Hogan
Benjamin Holt
Josh Hunter
Willow Hynes
Dan Jacobs
Kristen Jacobsen
Jakob Jarvis
Matthew Kearney
Colter Kennedy
Ethan Kennedy
Falk Kleinert
Julie Kohler
Paul Kraczek
Larissa Kranewritter
Gwyn Kutschke
Nicholas Larsen
Troy Larsgard
Matthew Lind
Sam Lindsey
Jared Loehrmann
Christoph Luschin
Josh Malyon
Nate Manning
Betsy McFarland
Madeleine McFarland
Seth Metcalf
Brock Mildon
Brittany Morris
Megan Morris


Mark Mumford
Lyndsey Nay
Aspen Neuhausen
Megan Nomiyama
Micah Nomiyama
Justin Peacock
Shane Peterson
Mason Price
Nathan Priddis
Kyle Prier
Taylor Profita
Marinda Quist
Tony Rahlf
Chuck Richards
Kathryn Ricks
Anna Robison
Holly Robison
Conrad Rosenbrock
Helen Rosenbrock
Tate Rudolphi
Josh Savage
Rebekka Schenk
Lore Schultheiss 
John Schultz
David Seay
Ruth Seppi
Dan Shoop
Adam Smith
Eric Smith
Eve Smith
Martha Sorensen
Kajsa Spjut
Sharon Stamps
Cathy Stevenson
John Stevenson
Kari Stolzenburg
Van Stonehocker
Luke Swenson
Daniel Taylor
Caitlyn Tetmeyer
Phil Thomas
Will Van Wagenen
Kara A. Wheeler
Dane Whipple
Britt White
Jeremy Whittaker
Justin Whittaker
Devon Wood
Jesse Wood
Brooke Wright
Michael Wyatt



Special Thanks and Appreciation

We are deeply indebted to Keena Mitchell, Marie Lessard and Cindy Brewer for their invaluable assistance in locating and collecting texts in Berlin, to Matt Baker, Monte Gardiner, and Jennie Nichols for their excellent work as Textbase Editors, and to Blaine Evanson, Devin HeidJohn Schultz for their considerable web-editing skills. We are grateful for the site's framework which was constructed and published by Conrad Rosenbrock.