Sophie’s Daughters


An Evening of Music by German Female Composers

co-sponsored by the BYU School of Music
and the Department of Germanic/Slavic Languages

October 2, 2002

7:30 p.m.

Madsen Recital Hall
Harris Fine Arts Center

Featuring musical performances by

  • The Weishaar Trio
  • Willem van Schalkwyk, piano
  • Doug Reed, piano
  • Sarah Clement, guitar
  • Dr. Barry Bounous, baritone
  • Dr. Ruth Christensen, mezzo-soprano
  • Kara Brandt, soprano
  • Robert Brandt, baritone
  • Vanessa Heitz Houssian, soprano
  • Kay Webb, soprano
  • Katrina Crage, soprano
  • James Noble, baritone

Autobiographical Introductions of Composers:

Dr. Robert McFarland
Elizabeth McFarland
Sarah Clement
Marita Dimond
Ruth Seppi


  • Alma Mahler-Werfel (1879-1901)