Projects Requiring Funding

The Sophie Project staff invites contributions from other grant sources, including individual donors, to help support the project in the future. We are currently involved in a major fund-raising campaign, through which we will establish an endowment which will make the project self-sustaining. Each donation made to the Sophie Project through the Brigham Young University Annual Fund will be matched dollar for dollar by the University, up to $5,000.00. Donations to the Sophie Project are tax deductible.

Donors may choose to contribute to the General Endowment Fund, or to any of the special projects listed below.

General Endowment Fund: Covers wages for student researchers and general supplies for the project.

Stipend for student webmaster and computer specialist: Covers wages of the student computer specialist.

Sophie Jewish Women's Initiative: Allows us to engage students to research, collect information about and works by German-language Jewish women authors, artists, composers, scientists, etc. in the centuries prior to 1922.

Sophie Translation Initiative: Allows us to engage students in producing English translations of texts from the Sophie Library.

Sophie Pedagogy Initiative: Allows us to engage students in developing materials related to integrating Sophie texts, resources and research in the classroom.

Stipend for student editor: Covers wages for a student editor, who helps edit the Sophie Journal, manages and edits the on-site newsletter, and edits essays and glossing by other students.

Student Travel Scholarships and Research Stipends for students researching in Europe: These funds help students cover the costs of traveling to professional conferences to present papers, and to travel to Europe for Sophie-related research.

Oral History Collection Project: This special fund will be used to contract with students who will collect oral histories from German-language immigrant women in the United States.

Writing Prizes: Allows us to offer incentives for quality papers and theses to be publish online in the Sophie Journal and the Sophie Thesis Library

Sophie Museum: Allows us to establish an online museum database to which individuals can contribute journals, histories, copies of artwork and handicrafts and other materials created by German-language women in their own families.

To make a donation or find out more, contact Michelle James at or call (801) 422-2463.