My Lover's Ghost

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College of Fine Arts and Communications
School of Music
College of Humanities
Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages


My Lover's Ghost:

Women Composers and the Musical Sublime

The 4th Annual Sophie's Daughters Recital of
Germanic Female Composers’ Works

  • Barbara Allen, paino
  • Julie Bevan, cello
  • Jonathan Bowman, paino
  • Ruth Christensen, mezzo-soprano
  • Emily Duke, soprano
  • Cari Sue Green, violin
  • Robin J. Hancock, piano
  • Allyson Hansen, soprano
  • Jessica Jenson, violin
  • Alan Keele, narrator
  • Marc Reynolds, baritone
  • Clayne Robison, baritone
  • Kim Schrader, flute
  • Emily Williams, mezzo-soprano

7:30 P.M.

21 October 2005

Madsen Recital Hall
Harris Fine Arts Center